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JobTravia connects the right person for the right job in a faster, efficient and organized manner. We utilize proprietary matching technology to quickly deliver the most qualified candidates. Our role specializes in working with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful match. It can range from advising a global company on a candidate sourcing strategy to helping a job seeker find their dream job.

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Rahul Dixit Founder Job Travia

Director's Desk

JobTravia acts as the reliable mediator between the companies opting for capable manpower resources and the individuals who are in search of a perfect job profile and are ideal candidates for the various positions available in the different level of management.
There is no doubt that there are umpteen industries in India where a favourable chunk of freshers are been absorbed and the placement services offer them with all the support starting from guiding them to the right job option to having a presentable CV to helping them in cracking the interview and supporting them in negotiating salary with the employer.

Mr. Rahul Dixit

Managing Director


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Roshani Totwani

Roshani Totwani

Manager HR Operations
Harsha Notwani

Harsha Notwani

Manager HR Operations
Pankaj Bhokare

Pankaj Bhokare

Growth Manager
Bhushan Bhalerao

Bhushan Bhalerao

Business Mentor

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Sharayu Zadkar

Tejal Kutey

Minakshi Kumbhare

Dipali Nasare

Kanchan Lade

Vaishnavi Aloni

Laxmi Mudliar

Kanchan Vidhani

Ritika Sawlani

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